This is the precious little Lilly who is quite a rarity in that she is one of our few tan/whites with a black overlay produced directly from 2 black/whites so has a beautiful rich colouring her parents are Bounce and Molly her colouring comes from Molly who is a daughter of Holly who produced quite a few tan/whites for us Mollys sire is Alfie who is half brother to Bounce, she has grown up wonderfully and i am really pleased with her progress. She is very very fast and runs about like a complete lunatic but is ever so lovable.
Lilly had her first litter in May 2015 to Spartan, of which we kept a daughter 'Annie'. Lilly will have her 2nd litter and last litter again to Spartan in 2016 as we are very happy with how the puppies turned out.
Lilly - Cumbreck Ultimate Chaos