Geri - Cumbreck Hannie Caulder
Geri is a gorgeous daughter of Tommy and Panda, she was one of 7 pups in Pandas first litter for us.
Geri is the most loving terrier you could wish for, she has a heart of gold and loves everyone and is very social, she will lap up any attention and likes to lay like a baby in your arms for tummy rubs or when out for walks she likes to sit on my shoulder for a good view, she loves walks and often her nose can get the better of her although she always comes back to us. Geri has an excellent pedigree and is bred from Tommy (U-Big Boss Z Hradu Pihlov) and Panda (Cumbreck Pandemonium) combining some of my best working line with some of the best show lines produced 7 beautiful puppies of which i kept Geri, a brother Cumbreck The Outlaw is in USA at Mountain Top Kennels and has produced a champion son and another brother Cumbreck Fistful Of Dollars is in Italy with Sweet Hill Kennels. Geri has had 1 litter in 2018 to Bruce and is the mother of JD and a litter to Jasper in 2021 and mother to Charlie. She is patella and eye tested healthy. PLL clear by parentage.
Geris last litter will be in late 2022 or 2023.