So who are the owners of the Cumbreck Jacks you ask? Well we are Angela ( a dog groomer/microchipper C&G qualified) and Wayne Gibson (Qualified social health care worker, works for UNICEF worldwide when asked, hence our mad life moves) and of course not forgetting our lovely daughter Kimberley who was born in 2011.
I Angela have had Jack Rusells for years, my husband Wayne sadly just has to put up with the fact i adore DOGS in general! LOL he supports me in many ways and even though rather allergic to the terriers he finds himself involved in many of the day to day stuff with them.

My main aim is and always has been to improve our JRT's which were entrusted to me by my grandfather Edward Mckenzie (step grandfather but he never treated me any different for 22 years and my maiden surname was changed legally by deed poll with his blessing when i was a child) when he passed on from cancer as no one else in the family had an interest in dogs at all, the entire Caldbeck stud was left to myself, firstly registered in JRTCGB and then IKC from 1999. I bought the house i grew up in back in 2010 and took the dogs back to the home, renovated  the place with my wonderful husband and we sold up in 2015 to make a better life for ourselves. There comes a time when enough is enough and you realise life is too short to worry about what could of, should of, would of happened..............move on, love your dogs, love your true family and live HAPPY :)
We live an interesting and fulfilled life, if we didn't have dogs we'd likely tour the world but our dogs are family and where they can't go, we don't go either.

The dogs have been in the family a long long time mainly as family pets come working terriers & i really do love dogs so taking hold of the reins has came pretty easily to me.

We relocated to Co Cork, Ireland in May 2015 and in 2017 made a massive move to Bulgaria.
Our traditional old farmhouse in Bulgaria is a work in project, our dogs have a lovely plot to play in as well as lots of woodland walks and visits to the town of Veliko Tarnovo.
Due to family/ill health circumstances we have temporarily returned to Ireland in October 2019 with all our dogs ( £17,000 on travel for dogs alone in the last few years due to work moves), living in a cottage with 2 acres and beautiful country walks, but we may return to Bulgaria at some stage.

The JRT's are very much part of our family tradition now & we'd never be without them.
We are very honoured to have our Jacks all over the world such as Japan, Norway, USA, Australia, France, Jersey, Brazil, New Zealand, China, Thailand, Denmark, Sweden, Eire, Finland, Carribbean to name just a few.
We also have dogs in some very famous celebrity and royal homes across the world too & some have came back for another of our dogs because they become so smittened by the love,loyalty & attention our dogs give them & our discretion when dealing with such very well known people.

When you visit us in our lovely home you will also find some extra furballs around, our 2 lovely Miniature Schnauzers Jazz and Chewy, Jazz is due to be speyed and no longer breeding after giving us two beautiful litters and Chewy is homebred ex show dog and still a stud dog as i used to breed and exhibit Minis at one point. Chewy is wonderfully bred by a white imported male and a black female whom i bred from Risepark and Skansens bloodlines.
.......................and last but not least our 2 German military bred Rottweillers Samson and Roxy who are protectors of their little JRT buddies and our family. They are excellent burglar alarms.................not that we get many people passing!
Our dogs and ourselves live a fabulous life. Our life is dedicated to our dogs and their happiness. We do enjoy the time we spend with them and like to make sure they are well socialised with a good aspect of life, it's not all about shows, work and puppies, our dogs have a life, and that is very important to us.
We breed only to continue our beautiful line, it's our hobby and passion and we will always continue to fight the corner of this traditional breed with ever the emphasis on not losing the old english bloodlines.

Our home.